Concluding comment [May 2001]
While it may have taken us all of almost five years to come to the moment when we feel that we can submit something that has the words 'final' on it, we also recognize the ephemeral nature of this moment. The history of cinema in India has not as yet had a curtain call, and in some senses, one might be forgiven for thinking that the game, insofar as the practice of cinematography is concerned, is only just beginning.

Reflected readings In Available Light: Masters of Light, Servants of Shadow [March 2001]
Reflections on the History and Practice of Cinematography in India
by Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Presentations at the 'Border Crossings' Panel on Bollywood Cinema ) Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, Chicago)

Interim narrative [January 1998]
Outlining some of our findings and concerns in the course of our research in progress on Cinematography.

Questionnaire [September 1999]
This questionnaire was prepared to encourage reflected responses on cinematographic practice by practising cinematographers.